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Hello there.

We are Model Rockets.
This is a dog family, don't let Joey or Ryan tell you otherwise.


Vocals + Guitars

Likes: snowboarding, wrestling his dog, and having opinions about things.

Dislikes: pineapple



Bass + Vocals

Likes: The Wonder Years, PC gaming, and having the best hair in the band.

Dislikes: Mitch McConnell


Ryan B

Guitars + Vocals

Likes: playing video games, making games and telling you about video games.

Dislikes: The Office season 9


Ryan R

Keys + Synths

Likes: cats, the city of Cleveland, and watching the Browns.

Dislikes: the Browns




Likes: comedians, listening to podcasts,  and listening to comedians' podcasts.

Dislikes: Fletcher's opinions

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